Round to Sub-Round Silica Sand

Silica Sand Production and Products
At PFS Aggregates, we provide high quality sand for businesses and industries of all sorts. We feature sand in convenient mesh sizes ranging between 8×16 and 100, loaded for shipping onto your trucks or we can arrange transportation with a selection of bagging or prep options suitable for most applications. For high quality round and sub-round silica sand in bulk or bags shipped when you need it, give us a call.
Product types

Turf Sand

Turf infill helps protect your artificial turf while also providing a more natural feel for the synthetic grass. Thanks to the round to sub-round shape found in our unique geological deposit, our sand is ideal for infill and turf applications because it is less abrasive and provides solid impact absorption.

Roofing Sand

PFS Aggregates offers premium quality sand for specialty roofing tiles, flooring tiles, and a wide range of specialty or colored grout. With a high silica content, consistent round to sub-round shape, and regular consistency across all mesh sizes, our sand is an excellent filler and mix in for a variety of tiles and grouts.

Water Filtration Sand

With sand in wells, filters, and other water fixtures all over Texas and surrounding states, our Brady area Brown sand is an excellent option for water filtration. Thanks to the uniquely round to sub-round shape of our grains, our sand provides a high level of conductivity for the filtration process. With a range of mesh options, we can tailor orders to your needs by mesh and the amount of sand you need for your project.

Glass Sand

Our Brady area Brown sand is composed primarily of silica quartz (Si02). With 99% silica quartz in our sand’s composition, our silica sand is an excellent fit for large quantity glass production and other glass sand applications. As the majority of glass production uses up to 70% silica sand as the main component, glass sand is a significant factor in the production of industrial glass.
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Applications and Industries
Different industries benefit from different mesh levels and types of sand. What’s so great about our Hickory (Brady Brown) sand is the consistent 99% silica content and the round and sub-round shape thanks to our particular geological deposit. Excellent for field and turf, drainage and filtration, and many other fields, our sand offers an ideal combination of performance and cost.
Oil & Gas Hydraulic Fracturing Sand
All of our sand meets the stringent specifications and requirements as defined by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for sand utilized in hydraulic fracking. We ensure that our sand is available to the industry at any time, processed and packaged for maximum efficiency. Loading and precision are key factors to managing a drilling and frac operation, which is why we work around the clock to provide the most unique and efficient logistics in the industry.
⬢ Coarse and Fine sands for all types of frac projects ⬢ Great conductivity and roundness for hydrocarbon extraction ⬢ Quick, “driverless” loadout without traffic jams or long wait times ⬢ Centrally located to provide service to all Texas basins
Sports Turf & Recreation
Compared to more angular sand, the shape of our round and sub-round sand increases the life expectancy of artificial turf and minimizes risk of injury to athletes or other individuals using that turf. Alongside a trend towards artificial turf over natural turf, we’ve seen expanded use in areas such as sports fields, parks, recreational areas, public and private properties, and even corporate locations. The cost savings, performance, and aesthetics of artificial turf make it ideal for a wide array of applications, while our sand is an ideal infill for those same applications. With our sand, you can enjoy a more natural feel with mesh sizes that fit your turf manufacturer’s specifications.

⬢ Size range 8X16, 12X20, 16/30, 20/40, 30/50 and more
⬢ Bulk or bagged products (50 lb paper or plastic, 3,000 lb super sacks)
⬢ Loaded onto your trucks or delivered to your location, 7 days/week (24/7)

Building & Industrial Sands
The PFS Aggregates mine out of Voca, TX produces multiple industry standard mesh sizes, suitable for a wide range of industrial and construction applications. Thanks to our Cambrian Era geological deposit, we can regularly produce round to sub-round, whole silica grains. Capable of producing between 4 Mesh and 100 Mesh, the sandstone in our formation offers an ideal base for construction, concrete, flooring, roofing, and foundry.

⬢ High strength coarse and fine sands suitable for all types of projects
⬢ Bulk or bagged products (50 lb paper or plastic, 3,000 lb super sacks)
⬢ Natural product, no chemicals added

Water Filtration & Gravel Pack
Sands from the hickory deposit have been used in successful water wells all over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and many other states. Sands from this deposit are known for their superior qualities and their solid record of performance in the water well industry. At PFS Aggregates, we have the products available to help get the desired results from any project.

⬢ 99% silica quartz sand, no additives or chemicals
⬢ Washed, cleaned, dried, and sized
⬢ Rounded grains offer superior water flow
⬢ Rounded grains don’t compact like angular grains
⬢ Rounded grains help prevent a well from producing sand
⬢ Less probability of having to rehab a well due to media failure
⬢ NSF / ANSI 61 certified for drinking water applications

PFS Aggregates Production Process

To ensure seamless production and delivery of sand to our customers, our process from beginning to end focuses on efficiency and quality. We mine, process, and ship all of our sand right here in Voca, Texas where we can maintain a consistent quality for every product. Capable of producing up to 300 tons an hour, we’re set up to meet your needs for high quality fine and coarse sand.

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