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Turf infill helps protect your artificial turf while also providing a more natural feel for the synthetic grass. Thanks to the round to sub-round shape found in our unique geological deposit, our sand is ideal for infill and turf applications because it is less abrasive and provides solid impact absorption.

Silica Sand — Turf Infill, Turf Sand, and What To Look For

For any artificial turf application, you’ll need an infill to protect the turf itself and maintain the appearance of the grass. Turf sand should offer a good deal of impact absorption, good drainage, low abrasion, and an overall natural look and feel. Fortunately, our Brady area Brown silica sand offers all of these qualities at an affordable price for projects of all sizes.

  • Premium Turf Sand Infill – With a 99% silica quartz composition, quality round to sub-round shape, and solid consistency, our turf sand offers all the desirable traits for use in infill applications. Turf infill helps artificial grass maintain shape and return to its original positioning after use, while also offering better drainage and protection from wear.
  • Consistent Shape – Great for athletic fields, play areas, and other places where turf is used, the shape of our sand is excellent for its low abrasion properties. In addition to extending the life of your turf, it’s good for people using the field to avoid a more coarse sand or rubber infill option that can cause irritation, abrasions, or wear on the mesh underlay in most turf products.

We offer the turf sand in the following common mesh sizes for a variety of uses:

  • 12×20
  • 16×30
  • 20×40
  • 30×50

Why PFS Silica Sand?

We take our sand from a unique geological formation responsible for the round shape and regular consistency and silica content. This hickory deposit runs through Voca, Texas where our sand mining facility is equipped to produce and process up to 300 tons of sand per hour. Our Brady area Brown silica sand is a great alternative to more expensive Northern white sand, and we offer a variety of shipping and packaging options for a number of order sizes. If you’re looking for high quality turf sand infill, we’ve got the sand you’re looking for!

  • Efficient Handling – The PFS Aggregates facility in Voca, Texas is equipped for regular and consistent sand production. With NFS certifications for filtration, API standards for frac sand, and other regulatory and industry specific specifications, we provide affordable, premium sand for turf and other applications.

  • High Quality, Less Cost – In an effort to offer the best value, we focus on improving logistics and efficiency in our production, processing, and delivery process. We work to ensure every delivery meets a high standard of consistency and quality, while also producing and packaging sand in convenient quantities to meet demand from a range of industries.

    We understand that your schedule is critically important to your success, so we fine tune our logistics, packaging, and shipping processes to ensure that you get your sand on time, anytime you need it. If you need high quality sand for O&G, recreation, water wells, or any other project, we can help you figure out what mesh, amount, and bagging options are most suitable for your needs. Just give us a call!

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