Located in the Texas Hill country in McCulloch County, Permian Frac Sand LLC (PFS) is a Texas based company, Permian Basin owned and operated,  focused on the production of high quality frac sand (aka“Brady Brown”) used as a proppant in the recovery of hydrocarbons.

Proppants used in the recovery of hydrocarbons are subject to stringent specifications defined by the American Petroleum Institute (API).  The Hickory Sandstone formation runs through the property at a shallow depth. Only three feet of overburden must be removed to access the start of the formation. The facility is designed to deliver various high quality fractions of sand from the resource base. The facility is set up to produce at a capacity of 300 tons per hour with an output of either fine or coarse grades of sand. At present, the forecast production volume of the total reserve base will have a useful life of 60 years