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PFS Packaging Options for Bulk Silica Sand

With a focus on efficiency and quality, PFS Aggregates offers high quality sand with seamless logistics and packaging options that allow for a customizable approach to acquiring the sand you need for your next project. From high grade frac sand to premium infill and gravel pack for water filtration and well construction, we offer a large range of sand meshes with convenient bagging and packaging so you can get the right amount of sand for the job.

Our dedicated road, efficient load times, and specially organized storage system allows for fast, easy transfer of sand into trucks and other shipping methods so you can reduce lag times on orders and increase the productivity of your project. You can explore our bagging options or speak directly with a PFS representative to set up an order and discuss the most convenient method of bagging and transportation for your next batch of sand.

Explore Our Bagging and Packaging Options

We offer our sand in bulk quantities, 50 lb. paper or plastic bags, or in 3,000 lb. bags (super sacks) as standard options. We do have a bagging size minimum, but we work with each client to determine how best to get the right amount of sand for the job.

  • Bagging Options – Over the years, we’ve worked with a number of clients from across all different industries, so we’ve gotten familiar with the various order sizes and bagging options that are common to different industries. We leverage this knowledge with your particular requests to provide the optimal suggestions for sand quantities and bagging combinations.
  • High Quality Sand – With our high grade quartz concentration, unique round and sub-round grain from our onsite source mine, we’re able to produce high volumes of top quality quartz sand for years to come. Our sand is also processed and stored in accordance with many industrial regulations and certifications to support fracking, construction, and a variety of other applications at any scale.
PFS Packaging

Why PFS to Support Sand Hauling?

PFS Aggregates takes pride in our direct and efficient approach to mining, processing, handling, and packaging some of the best sand in the Permian Basin. We offer high quality products in a variety of packaging and bulk options, all while maintaining strict standards of quality that align with the many applications for our sand.

Our mining facility has access to a unique geological formation that allows for consistently high silica content and uniform sand particles. Located in Voca, Texas, our facility can process approximately 1.2 MM tons of sand per year. Our quick, efficient processes, along with our abundant Hickory formation deposit, allows us to keep our prices accessible without compromising quality.

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