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In- Bulk Glass Sand

Our Brady area Brown sand is composed primarily of silica quartz (Si02). With 99% silica quartz in our sand’s composition, our silica sand is an excellent fit for large quantity glass production and other glass sand applications. As the majority of glass production uses up to 70% silica sand as the main component, glass sand is a significant factor in the production of industrial glass.

Silica Sand — Glass Composition and Why Silica Matters

Silica sand is the main component in glass production. While industrial glass production and other forms of glass making also make use of up to 30% other materials for the final composition of glass, the silica quartz structure allows for the right combination of hardness, heat resistance, and coloration.

  • Chemical Purity and Grain Size Matter – For most major glass production endeavors, silica sand should be above 98% silica content to preserve the traits that make it ideal for glassmaking. It should also be a consistent grain size to improve the final formation and quality of the glass produced, so having a consistent mesh and production size matters a great deal.

Our sand’s high silica content and flexibility in terms of grain size also makes it ideal for a wide range of other applications, from industrial projects to turf infill or water filtration. If you’d like to learn more about our sand, it’s properties, or how to order, just give us a call.

Glass Sand

Why PFS Silica Sand?

Thanks to a high quality geological deposit running below our Voca, Texas facility, we’re able to consistently produce premium round to sub-round sand. With a unique shape, high silica quartz content, and high availability, our Brady area Brown silica sand is an ideal alternative to more expensive white sand from the north. We also offer a range of custom shipping and packaging options that increase the convenient and reduce costs for buyers and partners.

  • Efficient Processing – We understand that businesses are often on a tight schedule. With deadlines and strict shipping requirements, PFS Aggregates works to meet demand with constantly improving logistics, packing, and shipping options that streamline the sand production and delivery process without sacrificing quality.

  • High Quality, Less Cost – With a capacity for producing up to 300 tons of sand per hour, our facility is also equipped with a unique ‘driverless’ road and high efficiency processing and delivery process. Our goal is to provide customers with the high quality sand they need, when they need it, without driving up the costs.

    We understand that your schedule is critically important to your success, so we fine tune our logistics, packaging, and shipping processes to ensure that you get your sand on time, anytime you need it. If you need high quality sand for O&G, recreation, water wells, or any other project, we can help you figure out what mesh, amount, and bagging options are most suitable for your needs. Just give us a call!

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