Building and Industrial Sand

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Building and Industrial Sand

Thanks to our Cambrian Era geological deposit, we’re able to produce large quantities of consistent, round to sub-round silica sand perfect for industrial applications and construction. At PFS Aggregates, our local Voca, Texas mine produces a wide range of sand mesh sizes and provides customizable bagging options.
With our reservoir of sandstone producing from 4 mesh and smaller, our product is ideal for industrial applications. Our sand is also NSF certified to ANSI 61 standards, so it is suitable for jobs with more stringent requirements and building code restrictions.

Building and Industrial Sand

A number of industrial applications call for massive quantities of sand, from providing supporting layers beneath walls and other structures and other types of filler. Thanks to the uniquely shaped round and sub-round grains from our deposit, our sand is particularly resistant to compaction, which makes it an excellent filler and sublayer for supporting heavy construction elements.

Additionally, our sand offers excellent qualities for use in drainage, filtration, and a number of other important applications for the industrial setting. When selecting an appropriate sand and mesh size for your construction project, we work with you to choose the right amount and mesh size from our variety of options to ensure that you’re getting the right amount of sand, the right size, and the best deal possible.

  • Convenient Logistics – Our facility supports direct loading of sand from our warehouses and storage silos to your trucks, along with a private road, multiple custom bagging and packaging options, and a facility designed to produce a consistent quantity and quality of sand all year. We make it easy to get the sand you need right when you need it.
  • High Quality Sand – The sand mined from our unique deposit provides high quality grain shape, consistency, and value. Additionally, our sand is rated for use in a multitude of industrial, water well, and O&G settings — it also meets stringent requirements set by the NSF and ANSI. Our Brady Brown area sand is perfect for jobs at any scale.
PFS Building and Industrial Sand

Why PFS to Support Sand Hauling?

PFS Aggregates takes pride in our direct and efficient approach to mining, processing, handling, and packaging some of the best sand in the Permian Basin. We offer high quality products in a variety of packaging and bulk options, all while maintaining strict standards of quality that align with the many applications for our sand.

Our mining facility has access to a unique geological formation that allows high silica content and uniform sand particles. Located in Voca, Texas, our facility can process approximately 1.2 MM tons of sand per year. Our quick, efficient processes, along with our abundant Hickory formation deposit, allows us to keep our prices accessible without compromising quality.

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