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Pool Filtration Sand

At PFS, we are proud to offer high-grade silica sand for pool filters from our unique hickory deposit. Whether you need sand for a private pool or want to buy in bulk for commercial applications, we have the bagging options and shipping processes to deliver your sand to you on time.

Our silica sand for pool filters is available in the most appropriate mesh sizes for all swimming pool filters. If you’d like to get in touch with our team to discuss the amount of sand you’re likely to need or the right mesh size for you, please give us a call on 325.425.0866.

What is Pool Filtration Sand?

If your swimming pool has a filter, then the likelihood is that it’s a sand filter. This type of filter uses sand to remove dirt and debris from the water. Sand filters are highly effective because, unlike other filter types, they remove larger debris such as insects and leaves as well as invisible dirt particles such as algae and phosphates that are the real pool polluters.

To be effective, you must have a swimming pool pump to push the water from the pool to your filter. The water flows through the silica sand in the filter. As the water seeps through the filter, the large and small dirt particles stick to the sand, with crystal clear water trickling out through the bottom of the filter and back into your pool.

How Often Should You Replace Your Pool Filtration Sand?

Our high-grade silica sand for pool filters has a general life cycle of between 2-5 years. At this point, the gaps between the sand become filled with dirt, and it can no longer remove the debris from your pool effectively. Changing your silica pool sand after 3 years will increase the quality and clarity of your pool water and reduce the number of chemicals you use. Changing your pool filtration sand will typically take 1-3 hours, depending on the ease of access around the filter and the condition of your old sand.

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Why Buy Silica Pool Sand From PFS

This is not the type of sand you can buy in your local hardware store. We supply high-quality pool filter sand in the exact sizes you need.

The properties of our silica sand for pool filters include:

  • 99%+ silica quartz sand
  • Properly graded, washed, cleaned, and dried for optimal results
  • Rounded grains to offer superior water flow
  • Ecologically safe and odorless with no additives
  • Chemically inert and can be disposed of safely

Not sure what mesh size, amount, and bagging options are right for you? Then please give us a call on 325.239.5239.

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