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The uniform, round crush-resistant particles found in frac sand are critical players in the petroleum and hydrocarbon industry. Other sand varieties simply do not have the grit to stand up to the intense pressure that occurs during the hydraulic fracturing process. Hydraulic fracking has quickly become the most relied on method to free up valuable natural resources that would otherwise remain trapped in rocks.

Silica Sand – What Makes a Good Frac Sand

Selecting high-quality frac sand is imperative for any successful fracking operation. There are a few stand out traits that differentiate frac sand from sand varieties used for other purposes. The American Petroleum Institute recognizes the importance of sourcing sand that’s up to par and has developed strict standards and guidelines for sand used in hydraulic fracking. Working with a company that puts measures in place to follow these guidelines is crucial.

  • Quartz is Essential – Our silica sand boasts a 99% quartz content, as any quality frac sand should. Quartz is the only sand material that has the capacity to retain its structure when used to create fractures in rock formations.
  • Round Particle Shape – A major factor that makes our sand so desirable is its round, uniform particle shape. For a hydraulic fracking operation to be successful, the sand must retain its structure and have a low capacity for absorption so that the natural resources can flow out through the fractures and into the well.

The Right Mesh Size

No two hydraulic fracking sites are created equal. For your operation to be successful, you’ll need frac sand that’s the right mesh size for the conditions in your environment. At PFS Aggregates, we provide frac sand in common and less frequently used mesh sizes.

  • 12/20
  • 16/30
  • 20/40
  • 30/50
  • 100 mesh
PFS Frac Sand

Why PFS Frac Sand?

Our mining facility has access to a unique geological formation that allows for consistently high silica content and uniform, round to sub-round sand particles. Located in Voca, Texas, our facility can process approximately 1.2MM tons/year. With our plant located on our vast reserves, our quick, efficient processes, allow us to keep our prices accessible without compromising quality.

  • Streamlined Manufacturing – We’ve developed production methods that not only get sand to those who need it quickly, but that prioritize providing a product that can be trusted for projects big and small alike. Alongside the API sands we produce, we boast NFS certifications for filtration for other industrial uses.
  • Convenience Counts – Our focus on providing high-quality frac sand extends beyond our production methods. It’s also reflected in our delivery procedures and convenient packaging options. PFS Aggregates’ Brady sand can be delivered in a wide range of packaging options or loaded into a variety of truck and sand carrier types so that you’re getting exactly what you need without having to worry about excess.

Our team has the experience needed to provide expert guidance while recommending the products that are the best fit for your project. If you’re on a tight schedule, our fine-tuned process and focus on efficiency is what you need.

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