Silica Sand for Water Filtration

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Water Filtration Sand

PFS is proud to offer high-grade, spherical sand that is highly compaction resistant. That makes it the perfect silica sand for water well filtration and gravel pack applications. With successful water wells all over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, and many other states, our high-quality silica sand has a proven track record of providing high-quality water filtration and infill properties.

Sand from our unique hickory deposit is known for its superior quality and outstanding performance record across all of the industries that we service, from water filtration to frac sand supply. At PFS, we offer a wide range of mesh sizes and bagging options so customers can customize their order to perfectly fit their needs.

Types of Filtration

Our premium silica sand is ideal for a wide range of water filtration applications, including a gravel pack in wells, the mass production of smaller water filters, or in large-scale water filtration and circulation applications. Some examples include:

  • Process water and wastewater systems
  • Drinking water filters
  • Gravel pack for well construction
  • Industrial-scale water filters for building cooling systems, and municipalities
  • Chemical processes and power generation

For large-scale operations, such as industrial level water cooling systems or water purification systems, silica sand is a better option than artificial filters in the water filtration process.

Why is Silica Sand Used in Water Filtration?

Silica sand used for water filtration has a sub-round to round shape, making it the perfect filtration media to capture solids suspended in water. Due to the high silica content in the sand, it is also very durable and hard-wearing. That allows it to be precisely graded for efficient filtering. The mesh sizes that are most commonly used for water filtration applications include 8×16, 12×20, and 16×30.

The sand filtration process in water treatment applications is straightforward. The sand is typically laid on top of a supporting layer of gravel. As the water enters the filtration, it passes through the silica sand, removing solids and other debris from the water.

What is a Gravel Pack?

A gravel pack is simply a downhole filter designed to prevent the production of unwanted formation sand and to allow the maximum flow of water. The formation sand is held in place by properly sized gravel pack sand that, in turn, is held in place with a properly sized screen, this inhibits the flow of formation sand particulates into the well reducing the water flow.

Water Filtration Sand

Why PFS Aggregates’ Silica Sand?

Running through Voca, Texas, our hickory deposit offers a consistent and readily available supply of premium sand/silica. Not only is our silica an excellent alternative to more expensive Northern white silica, but we are also equipped to process and ship orders with a high level of speed and efficiency.
Whether you’re looking at a large-scale construction project or need silica sand for water filtration in the form of a gravel pack for a new water well, we can supply the sand you need when you need it. We have some of the best quality silica sand in the Southern United States at a great price.

The properties of our silica sand for water filtration include:

  • 99%+ silica quartz sand, no additives or chemicals
  • Washed, cleaned, dried and sized
  • NSF / ANSI 61 certified for drinking water applications
  • Rounded grains offer superior water flow
  • Rounded grains do not compact like angular grains
  • Rounded grains help prevent a well from producing sand
  • Less probability of having to rehab a well due to media failure

We understand that your schedule is critically important to your success, so we fine-tune our logistics, packaging, and shipping processes to ensure that you get your sand on time, anytime you need it. If you need high-quality sand/silica for filtration, recreation, water wells, or any other project, we can help you figure out what mesh size, amount, and bagging options are the best fit for your needs.

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