Water Filtration & Gravel Pack

PFS Aggregates for

In-Bulk Water Filtration & Gravel Pack

Sands from the hickory deposit have been used in successful water wells all over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and many other states. Sands from this deposit are known for their superior qualities and their solid record of performance in the water well industry. At PFS Aggregates, we have the products available to help get the desired results from any project.

  • 99%+ silica quartz sand, no additives or chemicals
  • Washed, cleaned, dried and sized
  • Rounded grains offer superior water flow
  • Rounded grains don’t compact like angular grains
  • Rounded grains help prevent a well from producing sand
  • Less probability of having to rehab a well due to media failure
  • NSF / ANSI 61 certified for drinking water applications

Sand and Screen Slot Size Correlation

Slot Size Sand Size
0.012 20×40
0.016 16×30
0.020 12×20
0.025 12×20
0.030 8×16
0.035 8×16
100 Mesh
40 - 70
30 - 50
20 - 40