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Artificial Turf Sand

At PFS Aggregates, we provide high-quality sand for all sorts of applications and industries. One of the specialist types of sand that we supply is Artificial Turf sand.

Savvy sports field and pitch owners and those with artificial grass know that a layer of sand infill works well to enhance artificial grass surfaces for several reasons, which we’ll describe below. We can produce, supply, and deliver large quantities of the Artificial Turf sand you need to produce perfect playing surfaces.

With over 80 years’ combined experience in sand production and processing, you can trust our team to supply any quantity of Artificial Turf sand at the right price. We can deliver it in 50 lb paper or plastic bags as well as 3,000 lb super sacks. We also provide customized packaging options if you have more specific requirements.

What is Artificial Turf Sand?

Artificial Turf sand is a special type of silica sand that’s used specifically for sports fields and pitches of all types that utilize artificial grass. It is highly consistent with sub-round to round grains. That ensures an excellent level of uniformity to create a predictable playing surface and the round shape reduces the injuries that can be caused by sharp edged, commonly called angular, sand.

Artificial Turf sand is heavy and doesn’t blow away – so much so that a leaf blower can be used to remove leaves and dirt without a problem. The sand is also clean, does not act as a nourishing substrate for weeds, and doesn’t absorb water, so your playing field will drain and dry quickly whenever it rains.

Artificial Turf sand is also child-friendly, so young children can crawl and play on the grass comfortably without being bothered by the sand. Many schools use Artificial Turf sand from PFS Aggregates for their playgrounds and facilities that include soccer, football, baseball, volleyball, track event and other surfaces.

What are the Benefits of Using Artificial Turf Sand?

One of the main reasons to use our sand on your Artificial Turf applications is because it increases the lifespan of artificial grass. There are also several other benefits of using Artificial Turf sand.

  • It mingles with the artificial fibers and its specific “grass design” and provides stability to the surface. This prevents folds and wrinkles from forming that could be a hazard.

  • It completely surrounds the individual blades of grass acting as a proppant support that keeps them upright and prevents them from becoming matted through use.

  • It decreases the friction between the player and the field’s surface, which reduces surface damage over time.

  • The sand is round and not abrasive to the athletes.
  • It improves the appearance of the field.
  • It dries quickly, can be easily cleaned, and does not provide the nourishment that moss, algae, and weeds need to grow.
  • It works as a ballast to hold the turf down.


Where can Artificial Turf Sand be Used?

An Artificial Turf sand infill can be used on any artificial grass sports field and arena. That includes those found at professional sports centers, community parks, schools, colleges, universities and leisure facilities. Artificial grass with a sand infill is also increasingly being used in domestic landscaping, as it has fewer maintenance requirements than real grass, offers improved drainage, and can also be easily cleaned.

Artificial grass sports fields and lawns with a sand infill will require a minimum level of maintenance over its lifetime of use. However, it is much easier and less costly over that time period than mowing, fertilizing, watering, re-sodding, trimming, painting (for sports events) and other normal maintenance for natural grass.