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Sports Turf & Recreation Silica Sand

What makes PFS Aggregrates’ sand a great choice for Sports Turf & Recreation?

It is naturally occurring Silica (99%) with highly consistent sub-round to round grains.  With roundness of .6 on the Powers Scale of Roundness, it is an excellent choice for enhancing drainage and reducing compaction of the infill. When utilized for synthetic turf applications, by coupling its roundness with its superior level of uniformity in the grains, our sand provides the basis for a very predictable playing surface.  There is also a natural cushioning effect that can be counted on to provide a consistent playing surface reducing “hot spots” or flat, less cushioned sections of the field.  Acting as a proppant, it supports the fibers of the turf for uniformity of wear and a longer life cycle of the turf.

With an organic coloring of light brown to tan it is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

Compared to other sand

Other sands that are not from our mine with it’s geological formation, are typically angular. Angular sand can compact into itself fitting the angular grains together to create clogged channels or blockage affecting drainage in a negative way.  Spherical grains are less prone to compacting and allow for uniform, predictable drainage.

They also reduce wear on synthetic turf fibers and are non-abrasive to athletes using the field. With multiple, sharp edges, angular sands are abrasive to the turf fibers, causing shorter life cycles and can also be abrasive to the athletes.

PFS Aggregates Products

Sand Size Variants:

  • 12×20
  • 16×30
  • 20×40
  • 30×50

Packaged In:

  • 50 lb. paper or plastic bags
  • 3,000 lb. Super Sacks
  • Loose Bulk
100 Mesh
30 - 50
20 - 40
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