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Traction Sand

When winter strikes, you need low-cost traction sand that provides enhanced grip on snow and ice. At PFS Aggregates, we produce, supply, and deliver traction sand in the quantities required to keep your families and neighborhoods safe.

We have more than 80 years of experience in the production and processing of different sand types and mesh sizes for all applications. Our traction sand is available in bulk quantities for large scale projects, 50 lb paper or plastic bags and 3,000 lb super sacks to ensure there’s a solution to suit you. We also offer customized bagging options if you have more specific requirements.


What is Traction Sand?

Traction sand is the environmentally-friendly and sustainable way to provide enhanced grip on frozen sidewalks, roadways, parking lots, and other walking and driving surfaces. As it’s an abrasive material, traction sand creates a dry, non-skid surface to reduce the number of slips, falls, and road traffic accidents.

This toxic-free product is ideally suited to use on public sidewalks, roadways, and around people’s homes. As our traction sand is washed and dried, it contains virtually no silt, clay, or fine sand and does not turn to mud or make a mess indoors.

It embeds itself into ice and snow to provide long-term traction and is effective in any weather conditions. That’s unlike salt and other ice melters, which are not always effective when the temperature drops. Salt and other chemicals may also promote rust and other damage to vehicles and equipment.

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What are the Benefits of Traction Sand?

Need to get a grip in winter? Here are a few reasons why traction sand is such an excellent alternative to salt and other ice-melting products.

  • It’s environmentally-friendly – Traction sand is a natural product that’s free from chlorides, harmful chemicals, and salt. It will not contaminate or pollute rivers, lakes, and groundwater systems or contribute to the salinization of waterways.

  • It’s clean and non-staining – Traction sand contains virtually no silt or clay, so it will not stain your carpets if it’s tracked inside your car or home.

  • There’s no damage to your garden – Once the wintery weather has passed, traction sand can be swept into garden beds or lawns without doing any harm to the natural environment.

  • It’s PH neutral – Traction sand is PH neutral, so it’s safe for children and pets and will not burn or damage your grass or plants.

  • No damage, rust, or corrosion – Unlike salt and other ice melting products, traction sand does not corrode or damage concrete, brick, and stone surfaces, or cause rust on vehicles or metal landscaping elements.

  • Do more with less – Compared with the alternatives, less traction sand is required to cover the same surface area. It’s also very easy to spread.


How is our Traction Sand Sourced?

Our traction sand is sourced from our Cambrian Era geological deposit in McCulloch County, Texas. There it is processed before being packaged and shipped to customers across multiple states.

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