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Insulation Sand

At PFS Aggregates, we produce, supply, and deliver sand that’s perfectly suited to a broad range of industries and applications. While the use of sand in the construction and landscaping industries is well known, one potential application that’s sometimes overlooked is the use of sand for insulation.
Insulation sand is a low-cost and easy to install substitute for other insulation types, particularly for underground applications such as shallow water pipes. We supply the insulation sand you need at highly competitive prices and provide both bagged and bulk delivery options to ensure you get the sand you need to meet your specific requirements.

What can Insulation Sand be Used for?

Sand is a better insulator than soil with a high clay content. That makes dry, coarse-grained sand an effective and very cost-effective choice of backfill material when it comes to the insulation of shallow water lines.

Using sand in this way can help to prevent the buried pipes from freezing. As well as being a good insulator, sand is inexpensive and easy to install, making it an excellent replacement for fiberglass pipe insulation.

Additionally, insulation sand is often used for pipelines. Many pipelines use sand as a stabilizing and leveling component for the pipeline. This works by making a bed of sand that the pipeline rests in, so it conforms to the shape of the pipe, supporting it fully along the length of the pipeline, instead of laying the pipe down onto the dirt that will have multiple small peaks and valleys that don’t fully support the pipe. This also means you’ll get the additional benefit of insulation!

Insulation Sand

How Much Insulation Sand Will I Need?

That depends on the specific application. If you’re unsure how much insulation sand you’ll need for your project, please get in touch with our team. We’ll be able to give you an idea of the quantity of sand you’ll require and the packaging options available. We can also advise you as to whether insulation sand will provide the desired results in your intended application.

Our insulation sand comes in packaged quantities of 50 lb paper or plastic bags, 3,000 lb super sacks or in bulk (full truck load) quantities. We also offer a range of customized bagging solutions that can be tailored to specific orders, projects, and parameters (a minimum bagging size applies). That ensures you only pay for the sand that you need.


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