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PFS Aggregates is a supplier of high-quality silica sand to the foundry industries in the US.

With over 80 years of experience in sand production and processing, we will support you throughout the ordering and delivery process and can provide large quantities of foundry sand to meet your specific requirements.


What is Foundry Sand?

Foundry sand, also known as casting sand, is a clean, uniformly sized, and high-quality silica sand that is bonded to form molds for metal castings. Those metal castings are the basis of many of the engineering and manufacturing industries across the US.

Around 1 ton of foundry sand is required for each ton of iron or steel casting. The type of metal being cast will determine what gradation of sand is required, which is why the production of foundry sand requires specialist screening and classification systems, including detailed grade specifications.


What is Foundry Sand Used For?

High purity silica sand is washed and graded to remove any impurities before being dried and delivered to the foundry. The sand has a higher melting point than copper, aluminum, iron, and other metals, so it can be blended with other base materials to produce a mold that can hold the molten metal to produce a casting.

The sand mold is then broken away to reveal the casting before being recycled within the foundry or used in the production of concrete or asphalt.

Almost all sand cast molds for iron and steel castings are made using green sand. “Green” sand is not referred to as such because of its color, but because it’s damp, like green wood. Green sand is a high-quality silica sand that contains additives such as bentonite clay, water, and sea coal.

Generally speaking, the type of metal being cast will determine the amount of additives and the gradation of the sand required.

Foundries in the US can produce extremely large and specialist parts for industries such as aerospace, mining, and automotive, as well as individual pieces that are made to meet their customers’ specific needs. All rely on the physical and chemical properties of foundry sand to make castings to the closest possible tolerances.

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What are the Properties of Foundry Sand?

Foundry applications are extremely demanding, which is why only high-quality silica sand with the following properties can be used:

  • Grain shape – The grains must be rounded with high sphericity to allow the sand and binder mix to be displaced evenly.

  • Grain size – Fine sand produces a smooth casting surface but has a high binding demand, while coarse sand produces a coarser finish but has a lower binding demand.

  • Composition – The higher the silica content of the sand, the purer and better suited it is to high-temperature applications such as iron and steel casting.

At PFS Aggregates, our foundry sand has all the properties required of a high-quality molding sand. Contact us to find out more or request a quote today.

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