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In- Bulk Brick Silica Sand

At PFS Aggregates, we’re able to produce and supply large quantities of washed, fine sand in bulk at highly competitive prices. 

Perfect for applications ranging from bricklaying, sand joints, roof capping, and even sandboxes, our brick sand is the sand of choice when it comes to all kinds of masonry work, construction or any project you may have. That makes it an extremely versatile and popular product for customers in a broad range of industries across the US.

We can also provide professional guidance on the types of applications that our sand is suitable for across industries including construction, building materials, and more. PFS Aggregates has over 80 years of experience in sand production and processing, and we provide high quality, brick sand at excellent prices in both bulk and bagged options and are ready to help you with any of needs you may have for your projects.


What is Brick Sand?

Brick sand is simply sand that is used in making bricks, which is perfect for any brick products you may need for your projects. The granules in Brick sand are typically much finer than sand used in making concrete.  While we produce a variety of coarse grade sands, we also produce very high quality fine sand excellent for brick making.  Our round to sub-round granules are perfect for achieving smooth overall finish. Combining clay with our sand allows it to become stickier and more workable when mixed with cement. That enhances its blending and bonding characteristics and makes it the ideal sand for building walls and laying bricks. 

When used for drying and bonding, brick sand creates a sturdy, structural joint that repels water. It is available in bulk quantities and bagged options. Our sand is a neutral color described as “buff white” which allows it to be tinted into a variety of colors, which makes it perfectly suited to many construction applications, as well as landscaping and gardening projects.


Different Types of Brick Sand and Their Uses

Our sand can be used to create bricks and grout in a wide range of colors. While white, yellow and red are  the most popular, our sand can be tinted to create virtually any color brick or grout you require. 

How is Our Brick Sand Sourced?

Our Cambrian Era geological deposit allows us to produce large quantities of high-quality sand with smooth, rounded edges that can be used as brick sand. Our sand is passed through a sieve test and complies with the relevant standards. The quality of the brick sand you use is an important factor in the outcome of your construction project, which is why you should buy from a reputable supplier like PFS Aggregates. 

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