Logistics for Sand Hauling

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Logistics for In-Bulk Silica Sand Hauling

Sand delivery for Industrial uses is a critical part of our operation at PFS Aggregates. In addition to storage and mining, we take great care to facilitate the first stages of packaging, handling, and shipping through advanced logistics that ensure your sand product is exactly what you need.

From a private road that allows for quick access to loading, to warehouses and detailed mining operations designed to provide consistent product across every single order without mixing grains, we’ve fine tuned our sand handling logistics to ensure that our clients get the highest quality sand with every order.

Logistics for Better Sand Delivery

For many applications, including fracking, the delivery of our product begins with careful loading and logistics consideration to ensure that grain sizes and sand types meet standards before and after their delivery. Proppants, for example, are subject to stringent guidelines dictating the quality, size, and consistency of the sand used.

Our storage and loading process is designed to preserve the consistency of all products we sell, while our dedicated shipping road can help streamline the loading and shipping process for faster deliveries. Each step of our process is meticulously designed to keep quality and grade the same across each load

  • Direct Loading – Our facility is set up to offer direct loading of sand from source to truck. Bypass the logistics and risks of transferring your sand from barges or trains with direct loads to sand haul trucks for quick, efficient shipping and a consistent product on delivery.
  • High Quality Sand – With our high grade quartz concentration, unique round and sub-round grain from our onsite source mine, we’re able to produce high volumes of top quality quartz sand for years to come. Our sand is also processed and stored in accordance with many industrial regulations and certifications to support fracking, construction, and a variety of other applications at any scale.
PFS Sand Delivery

Why PFS to Support Sand Delivery?

PFS Aggregates takes pride in our direct and efficient approach to mining, processing, handling, and packaging some of the best sand in the Permian Basin. We offer high quality products in a variety of packaging and bulk options, all while maintaining strict standards of quality that align with the many applications for our sand.

Our mining facility has access to a unique geological formation that allows for consistently high silica content and uniform sand particles. Located in Voca, Texas, our facility can process approximately 1.2MM tons of sand pe year. Our quick, efficient processes, along with our abundant Hickory formation deposit, allows us to keep our prices accessible without compromising quality.

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